Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I order Fresh / Frozen Doggy Delights to be shipped?

Allison does not use any preservatives in her treats - whether Fresh / Frozen or Freeze Dried. Fresh / Frozen Delights can't be guaranteed to keep their freshness while being shipped. If you would like us to try shipping them anyway, please contact us.

I need a soft treat for my dog. Do you have soft treats?

Fresh / Frozen Delights, when thawed, are very soft, and perfect for elderly dogs, small dogs, and puppies. Freeze dried treats can be softened by wrapping several treats in a damp paper towel until they absorb enough moisture to soften.

I am interested in Allison and her success as a CEO and Chef for Doggy Delights and would like her to speak to my organization. Does she do speaking engagements?

Yes! Allison enjoys giving speeches and presentations about her life and career. Contact us for further information.

I have an idea for a new flavor of Doggy Delights or for your business. Can I give you a suggestion?

Yes, please email us with any and all suggestions! Helpful criticism is welcome also.

Can I get a sample of Doggy Delights?

Yes, we give out free samples at the Clermont Farmers Market every Sunday from 9-2:00. We can also mail free samples. Please email us with your information and ask for a free sample.

I have a LARGE dog. Do you make LARGE SIZED treats? How big are your treats, anyway?

Yes, Allison can make large sized treats. Contact us for more information and to order them. Each biscuit is between 1 and 1 1/2 inches long and about 3/4" thick.


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